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Stonebridge Sport Horses is an elite dressage training company that offers a European-inspired equestrian concept built by the highest quality, continuity and entirety. Stonebridge Sport Horses spends their summer season at a beautiful farm in Bedford, NY, and the winter season in Wellington, FL.

Stonebridge Sport Horses offers through their head trainer Karin Persson ambitious students full board and training in tailor-made programs. For example they are proud trainers of a couple of the highest ranked juniors in the US. Stonebridge is one of few barns in the area that can offer a trainer with lots of experience training juniors and young riders to highest European standards (European and Nordic-Baltic Championships). Stonebridge Sport Horses continuously import high quality dressage horses and have a few top FEI prospects for sale at their barn. They also have the possibility to receive a very limited number of quality horses in training. They offer a concept with full service and can prepare your horse for show, sales or just take your horse to the next step in training.​


May 20-21: A successful first show up north for the season, in Saugerties. Highlights were young star Prozack who was third on Saturday and won on Sunday in his first Third level tests ever ridden by Karin. Amelia and Perazzi dominated the Junior test with the super score 72.7 (!) the second day!


May 13-14: Clinic with Ulf Moller at the barn 

March 31: Heading back north to Bedford after a successful season in Florida. Karin, Stina, Amelia and Hannah all had a rewarding and successful season. 

December 22: Lovely article about Stonebridge and the junior program in Dressage headlines. Thank you Betsy LaBelle!

November 12-13: Karin went to Bellevue stables in Montreal, Canada to teach a much appreciated clinic with ambitious and talented riders and horses. 

​October 21: Liam is announced as the Year End Award winner! He is the highest average scoring 5 year old in the US 2016!

October 17-18: A second clinic at the farm with dr Ulf Moller - what a privilege!

October 6-8: Stonebridge sport horses shopping for the future at Swedish elite foal auction at Flyinge, Sweden.

September 29-30: Karin and Giuliano B won both classes for 5 year olds at the prestigious show in Devon PA. They were also highest scoring among all the young horses (4, 5 and 6 year olds) at the show. Karin's student Amelia did her second international show and yet again she won both classes with scoring lmost 70 and 67%. This leaves Stonebridge juniors unbeaten in all international shows in Northeast area this fall! 

September 22-24: Saugerties, NY. Karin's junior student Amelia did her first international show ever on her gelding Perazzi. She won both classes scoring 70 and 69%! Karin also showed Cindy in her first Intermediate 1 and came in third with a score over 65%. 

September 19-20: Chris Theallet clinic at the barn

August 25-28: National Championships in Chicago! Karin and Liam (Giuliano B) were reserve champions in the final for the best 5 year olds in US! With an average score of 84.6%! Also Karin's junior student Amelia Devine did her first national championships for juniors.

August 19-20: Karin's student Asia Ondatjee Rupert swept the international show in Saugerties, NY. Asia was unbeaten through the whole weekend on her two horses Firmamento and Tweltfh Night in the Junior CDI! 

August 11-12: Succesful clinic at the farm with Dr Ulf Moller - one of the best dressage trainers in the world! We are so grateful he came to us and made us raise our bars. Karin did a super job with Liam and Cindy!

August 11-12: Stonebridge proudly presented a clinic with one of the most renowned trainers in the world: Dr Ulf Moller from prestigious Hof Kasselmann in Germany. 

​​August 5: Chris Theallet clinic. Open clinic between 12pm-5pm

July 31: New sales video of Stonebridge Cindy. See Sales Horses.

July 28-31: Amelia and Perazzi did their final qualification for National Championships in Woodstock, VT. A 68.75% in the FEI Junior individual test put them back on the 9th place on the national rankings. 

July 27: A very nice article about us and Karin. Thank you Dressage headlines!

​July 22-23: Team Stonebridge was shining again, this time in Sussex, NJ. Junior rider Asia Ondatjee Rupert with her horses Twelfth Night and Firmamento was first and second in the FEI junior class on Saturday and first and third on Sunday. Karin was first and second in Stonebridge Cindy's first Prix St Georges ever and also won the 5YO Qualifier on Giuliano B, on 83%!

July 8-9: Chris Theallet clinic

June 23: Updated national rankings list. Giuliano is on 3rd (!) place among the 5 year olds and Amelia and Perazzi number 9 on junior rankings!

June 19: Again FANTASTIC horse show! Giuliano B scored 84.8% in the 5YO qualifier and is really climbing the rankings! Amelia Devine and Perazzi put in super solid tests in the junior division. Exciting times!

May 31: AMAZING weekend at ENYDCTA dressage show!! Karin and Cindy scored fantastic 74.3% and 73.4% in fourth level, getting highest score of the day. Karin and 5YO Giuliano B did their first qualifier and had 81.8%! Also Amelia Devine scored solid 68% in both junior qualifier!

April 15: Press release: We are very happy and honored to announce that International GP rider Mica Mabragana is moving in with Stonebridge Sport Horses in Bedford, New York! Mica is one of the absolute top dressage riders in the area, with experience from international championships. From now on she will run her operation out of Stonebridge Sport Horses' facility. We are very pleased and we are sure that Mica will contribute to a professional atmosphere with a good energy where we help each other improve and reach new goals! We do believe that in order to develop and be able to keep up with the sport you have to be in a professional surrounding. We are now one of few barns in the area having two international riders/trainers under the same roof who can motivate and cheer on each other in their daily work. We are all looking forward to what the future will bring!

March 31: The end of a successful Florida season! Amelia and Perazzi made their debut in FEI Junior classes, showing us all that's where they belong, with many scores above 70%! Asia and Firmamento were 4th placed in the international Florida Youth Championships. Stina and Sundowner established themselves in third level. Karin showed Cindy succesfully in 4th level with many scores above 70% and also showed Beaumonde in his first Prix St George with 69%. Karin's up and coming star Giuliano B won the High Score award with his amazing 79.5% in training level and later did the 5YO test scoring 75-76%! Thank you Court Jewel Stud for having us at your beautiful facility! Now time to head north!



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Barn address: 263 Bedford Banksville rd, Bedford, NY, 10506